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Concept & Pre-Production
Many people have a great idea, script, or song, but aren't quite sure how to get their product on video. Media Works Communications can help. Our talented writers, producers, and creative directors can bring your passion to reality. Following concept creation, a script is tailored to bring your story or objective to life and pre-production begins. Within the realm of pre-production is budgeting, location scouting, creative decisions, hiring crew & talent, and planning your production. Pre-Production is the heart of every production. Let Media Works help you from the start!
HD Video Production
Media Works Communications provides full HD video and film production services. We have the resources and equipment to produce a commercial or a major motion picture. We utilize Panasonic, Canon, and RED HD cameras and lenses. We also have a full grip and lighting package with your choice of a 3 or 5 ton truck, or a small, mobile, grip trailer. Need a dolly, jib, or steadicam rig? MWC has all of that too! We also have ENG crews staging throughout the United States armed with Arri Softbox kits, wireless audio, and an HD camera package with other necessary do dads. We are ready to fly, drive, or walk to your next production at a moments notice. Although we would rather drive...than walk!
HD Video Editing & Post-Production
Video Editing, Post-Production, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Avid
HD video editing and post-production is the final, most important process in a production. Media Works Communications is ready to bring your story to life! We have always been on the cutting edge of technology and that remains true today. Our post team is armed with 3 edit suites utilizing the latest technologies from Apple, Windows, Western Digital, Adobe, and Final Cut Pro. From off-line editing to on-line mastering with color correction and graphics, our editors will bring your ideas and stories to life. Which makes you a hero to your clients and audience. Also equipped with a mobile editing suite, seeing your project come to life while on production is now a reality. Once your project is perfected we provide DVD creation and authoring services in standard, HD, or Blu-Ray DVD. We look forward to working with you on your next editing project. Why haven't you hit the contact button yet? Why!
Jonathan Barbee, Steadicam, Production, Music Videos
Jonathan Barbee operating the Steadicam on a music video production for Derek Welsh - Photo: Tony Mashburn
Jib, Video Production, Alicia Robbins, HD Video
Alicia Robbins operating the jib on a music video production in Birmingham, AL.